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Hey Pocket Bike and Minimoto riders – where are you? We set up this blog to communicate at a higher level about the industry, about people in it and about special events and what is happening around the world with this sport. View our Blog for up to date information regarding your favorite riders.

Some Fine Tuning.

Small bikes

old Pit bikePlease Note that PBR is currently still undergoing some changes and fine tuning. Please bare with us!

Welcome! We figured we all deserve an easier to use and better-looking website. So at last we built a new one!

All your posts, threads and usernames should still be exactly as before. Only images have had to be replaced.

What’s new?

  • Easier to use
  • New clean look
  • PBR Gallery re-launched – it works!
  • PBR Blog
  • PBR E-zine
  • Pocket bike Where To Buy directory starting soon
  • Pocket bikes Map coming soon is Australia’s largest and most-popular online pocket bike community – the most-committed pocket bike community.

Pocket Bike Racing is the best place to get information on the Australian pocket bike scene with general, tech and event information.

We cater to all pocket bike enthusiasts from newbies (welcome!) to national champion racers.

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Our Topics

Pit Bike

PbWe want to first gauge your interest to have this premium service provided to you before we commit all out to achieve this and bring it to you. The whole point of this blog is to bring you content that is different to what you will get within the Members Forum(To come). We are lining up high profile people in the industry, in the sport who know it inside out to bring you specialised content and special insights that you will not easily find anywhere else. We plan to interview some of these higher profile people and post these interviews right here on the blog so that you can just click on the link and either listen to it directly or download it to your own computer. How does that sound? Are you interested? If so – PLEASE TELL US  – just use THE COMMENT function below this post and tell us, we who are ready to deliver more and more to you from this website and make it the best ever in the world – tell us what you want to get from here; tell us what you want as PREMIUM CONTENT DELIVERY from this Blog; tell us what your special interests are and how we can satisfy what you want. We are ready to move on ANY GOOD IDEAS. We are looking for pocket bike enthusiasts to step up to the line here and be proactive in helping us to better serve you. We want you guys to come out into the open an tell us who you are and what you would like to see this site deliver. Please be genuine and honest. We don’t want you to post any comments unless you are serious and genuine about helping us make this site better and better and to make it the benchmark site for pocket bikes and minimotos anywhere in the world. If you help us achieve this it will start to attract more and more attention from other parts of the world and that will be good for all of us.

So, Pocket Bike Racing Enthusiasts – tell us who you are and what we can do to serve you better. Over to you!

If you come across really interesting stuff – just send it over to us and ask us to publish it on the blog. If it is good – WE WILL. I guarantee it. It can be news, articles, interviews, photos, video clips or whatever.

We want to actually DO SOMETHING with our You Tube site but we are waiting on a member to send us an incredible bit of video footage not longer than 10 minutes that we can put up on You Tube to draw attention to our website and to start educating more people about this sport and hobby. If you can come up with any such footage please send it to us and we will consider it for the You Tube site or just publishing it here on the blog. If we pick your offering we will ask you to give us a splash on who you are and what you are doing and we will post that up here too if you allow us.

Tell us what you want and let us take on the challenge of bringing it to you. Or, just as good, keep looking for great content that would be of interest to all members and send it to us and let us publish it here and give you due recognition for bringing to the blog.

Hope to hear from you soon. Just use the Comment facility below and submit the comment to us. It will not automatically appear on the blog because we want to see it first to make sure it is genuine and proper content to share with everyone. If it meets that test I can guarantee you it will be approved and it will get published.

Over to you!!

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